It's Concrete...Don't take it for Granite!


Hello and welcome to StoneCrete Studio. We specialize in crafting custom hand-made concrete countertops, sinks and surround elements for the home or business. Our company works closely with design professionals, interior decorators, builders and homeowners. This has helped us to understand how to create functional living space which captures the mass and earthly essence of the “Green” material utilized in our fabrication process.

“The concrete countertop clearly has utility and hence provides the most opportunity for good design to merge with functional needs.”

Fu-Tung Cheng
Cheng Design

Today’s cutting edge kitchen and baths are incorporating concrete as the new preferred surface in the design elements. These countertops have become the high-performance product of choice.

Concrete appeals to people that are searching for something out of the ordinary. This material is different from the common alternatives and limitations of natural stone or synthetic materials. No other material provides the warmth, depth, mass or sculptural dimension that concrete offers.

Architects and designers alike are flocking to and discovering the unlimited ability to express their greatest designs in the most discerning atmospheres of today’s luxury homes. Designer concrete is molded to form and can be colored, stained, inlaid with semi-precious stones, rare fossils or personal mementos.

The surface can be finished to resemble aged leather or polished to a mirror finish. A company logo can be incorporated or even a star burst with fiber-optics.


Each creation is limited by only one thing…
Your Imagination!