Colors and More

We offer 20 standard Integral color choices as well as an array of custom colorization. If you require more definition with your project we can custom match any color that you desire.

For those interested in a more Old World effect, we offer 15 acid etching stains. A more Green approach is obtained through the use of 29 environmentally friendly stains.  Seeking a Venetian marbled effect, 20 unique stains provide a renaissance of color. If you still need further Enhancement, 22 special dyes are available. Finally for that “Totally off the hook, out of this world” effect a collection of 8 “Chameleon” color shift pigments can be chosen.

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Venetian Stain

Integral Colors

Recycled Glass

Enhancement Dyes

Old World Acid Stain

Green Environmental Stain

Concrete no longer only comes in dull grey!


In addition to unlimited color selections, we offer a wide assortment of decorative aggregate and embeds such as precious stone, exotic shell, rare fossils and recycled glass. This can help to enhance your project from ordinary to the extraordinary.


Just as we help you achieve the perfect look we also bring out the perfect finish. Our company offers a variety of surface finishes complimenting your personal style and taste.

  • Hand-Trowel - Lightly hand polished leaving the surface with a matte finish.
  • Sand Finish - Polished to expose minute grains of sand aggregate.
  • Pressed Vein - Veining effect with multi-color, polished with a smooth touch.
  • Luster - Highly polished surface with a mirror face.
  • Terrazzo - Heavily ground and polished surface exposing
    decorative aggregate, recycled glass and precious stones.


StoneCrete Studio uses a high-performance proprietary sealing system. The sealer is exceptionally durable and provides excellent resistance to scratching, heat and incidental contact with staining agents such as red wine, lemon juice and olive oil. Our process uses state-of-the-art waterborne EPA, FDA and OSHA compliant products. This combination offers the greatest protection available in the industry for the homeowner and their investment. We are so confident in our sealer that we warrant it a full year for your protection.