Cretein Art


Cretein Oil Lamps’ are unique, hand-made, one of a kind creation. The Cretein Oil Lamp is a blend of nature utilizing water, sand, stone, and other secret ingredients. This is then hand formed in a custom mold. Once the creation process is complete the mold is destroyed, leaving a stunning one of a kind work of art.

Our Cretein Oil Lamp is a powerful connection to the spirit and wisdom which transcends from the combination of these natural earth elements. When you light your Cretein Oil Lamp, striking it to life, you tap into the unseen esoteric force which releases the exact energy required for the moment; Romance and Passion arousing the lover’s heart or a calming, soothing effect for the mind and body. It is the secret and magical ambiance that only the Cretein Oil Lamp possesses.


Cretein Canvas Art...

Decorative concrete has come a long way in the last few years and now stonecrete studio has pushed that limit a bit higher with our Canvas Art. Concrete on oil canvas...Staining, stencil, free-hand, color shift pigments the sky is truly the limit!